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"This film is not to be consumed, but to be worked with"

Community or Educational screenings

We would love to help you to organise a screening of the film in your community. 

A license is required for showing the film outside the home. You can purchase the film rights in our online shop. This also lets you advertise the screening publically. We also have experinced facilitators who would be able to lead a discussion after the film. Please contact us for any requests that you might have. 

Corporate Screenings with DOWN to EARTH Collective

For companies, the film has been used as a dialogue starter around leadership and personal relevance. This inspires leaders, employees to take the step towards greater solidarity, towards themselves, their organisation and society. 

We start with a short introduction, focusing on themes that are important for the organisation in question. After the film, a Down to Earth facilitator provides the dialogue. 

If you want to organize a screening at your company, mail to:

The Corporate Sceening can also be expanded with a Masterclass on Wisdom Based Leadership by Rolf Winters

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