Personal Leadership Journey

The Personal Leadership Journey was developed by Rolf Winters and the Michigan clan of Native Americans with whom he and his family lived together for five years.

True leaders are developed from the inside-out. Real leaders are always ‘originals’, averse from copying behaviour. That’s the essence: They operate from their own model, from their inner strength; following their internal compass and develop their own style. One that suits them and works for them, naturally. They take decisions based on their own observations, their own experiences, their own intuition, their own nature. They lead from their own spirit. Native American leadership philosophy is based on this principle, that true natural leadership is discovered from within.

True leaders are balanced individuals who are connected and grounded. Their clear vision is derived from being in tune with themselves and their environment. Natural Leadership can be developed through finding inner balance and inner peace, through soul searching and alignment with your own spirit. 

Your main guides on this journey are a clan of Native Americans from the Ojibwa tribe, descendants from the Anishnaabe (first people), the oldest inhabitants of the North American continent. The Ojibwa are known as peace keepers and are the keepers of the sacred fire. Their teachings go back as far as 20,000 years and the essence of these teachings still very much apply today. In our so-called ‘connected world’ we are becoming more and more disconnected. Before we can truly connect to others we must first connect with ourselves.

To connect to ourselves we have to be connected to nature. The journey will take you back to basics, back to nature, to experience the principles of the chain of life and our role within this chain. 

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