Wisdom based Leadership Masterclass

“The leadership needed TODAY is different from what we have been taught in business schools over the last few decades. To create a sustainable future, we need leaders who work from a different paradigm and who have the ability to lead from their own, inner wisdom. The world of today is demanding Wisdom-based Leadership . "

The session will be introduced and facilitated by Rolf Winters, who will guide the dialogue, seeking to find the key questions that needs to be answered.   

Rolf has distilled seven paradigm shifts about leadership that are essential to combine success and sustainability, to align our drivers for people, profit, planet and purpose. During this Masterclass, we will explore each of these paradigm shifts and familiarize ourselves with the Seven Virtues or Wisdom-based Leadership that will guide us to achieve this. 

Discover new ways of tapping into your own individual source or wisdom and learn to navigate through the tumultuous dilemmas or our times. 

Please contact us at  info@dtefilm.com  to arrange a master class

Meer Down to Earth