Everyone CAN be a CHANGE-MAKER - By Sophie Wisbrun


What if we ALL could be Earth Keepers?

Imagine if we all could be an Earth Keeper, taking care of our beautiful planet in the name of our past, current and future generations. 

Not just few of us, but each and every one of us, in our own way. It is my Big Bold Dream to reach a tipping point of people creating a better, more sustainable, beautiful and compassionate world with respect for people and planet. 

So that we actually are realizing this better world for our children and for future generations to come.

Imagine a better world…

“True change takes place in the imagination” Thomas Moore

Since I was a little girl, I felt an inner responsibility to do what I can to contribute to a better world. I felt blessed growing up in a caring, loving family, where respect for people and nature was normal. However, I realized this was not the reality for everyone. 

I kept my Vision of a Better World and my Sense of Purpose and choose business as a way to make a positive impact. Now I have my own children, my purpose to catalyze positive change to preserve a beautiful planet for them, drives me with more urgency every day.

I imagine a world where everything and everyone in nature and ecosystems lives sustainably in peace, in good health, with love, respect and harmony with one another abundantly. Where the planet is healed and the time of destruction has turned into a time of regeneration and celebration of the circularity of life and one-ness, the inter-connectedness of all and everything. Where people are celebrated because of their consciousness, courage, love, their unique differences, kindness and compassion and where all beings are respected, cared for and celebrated in whatever form or shape they are. 

I know many of you want this better world …

More and more people want to make a positive difference; many have this inner desire to do something about the climate crises, ecological breakdown, and other challenges of humanity. More and more people do this. But still the majority of people struggle, because they don’t know how and where to start. 

People struggle with how to integrate making a better world into their daily life and work, and do it in a way that really leverages their unique personality, values, passions, talents, skills, and abilities. 

How do you find out what it is, that you uniquely can do in contributing to this better world? How do you find out what your Higher Purpose in life is, and how to turn this into action so you can make a continuous positive impact yourself? 

Everyone CAN be an Earth Keeper … 

I believe everyone has a unique role to play in creating a better, more sustainable and beautiful world. And everyone deserves to have the clarity of knowing why they are here on this beautiful planet. 

Research shows that most Leaders cannot articulate their Higher Purpose or haven’t identified theirs. And that’s the same for most people. Yet so many search for more meaning, fulfillment and ways to make a real difference. Many people long to have an inner guidance by which they feel strengthened. They want to be able to achieve their Goals and realize their Vision for a better life and a better world.   

I strongly believe we all need to find and fulfill our Higher Purpose. And if we all decide to unleash the potential of our Higher Purpose in life, we will together unlock a sustainable revolution, that really creates this better, more sustainable world. 

It all starts with Finding and Fulfilling Your Higher Purpose

How would you like to play a role in creating a better more sustainable world? Are you looking for more meaningful and fulfilling work that makes a real difference? Would you like to feel more motivated, energized, inspired, successful, happier and healthier? 

Would you like to know how you can achieve this and use your Higher Purpose to inspire and engage other people, your team, organization, or company to accelerate positive social and environmental change?

If so, my Purpose to Impact Training Program™ will be perfect for you. It is an integrative and transformative approach that will enable you to Find AND Fulfill YOUR Higher Purpose. 

You will not only discover or rediscover your Higher Purpose, but also learn how to align and activate it through your work, your business, and all aspects of your life and turn your actions and contributions into continuous positive impact to help protect our beautiful mother earth.  

If Your Higher Purpose is clear and you live every day by it and take decisions in line with it, nothing can stop you in creating your unique positive impact for a better more sustainable world. You will become an unstoppable force for good and inspire everyone around you. 

Join other Earth Keepers on their Journey and sign up here for the course until Oct 21 2019: 

About Sophie Wisbrun

Sophie Wisbrun, a positive change catalyst, and Founder of Doing Business Doing Good, strongly believes everyone can be an Earth Keeper! But only together can we create a better world. She has been a Purpose and Sustainability Revolutionary in Multinational Companies for 15 years. She successfully transformed people, brands, businesses and organizations to become more sustainable and purpose driven. Her Doing Business Doing Good Platform enables, connects and empowers people, whatever they do and wherever they work, to catalyze their positive impact to create a better, more sustainable, compassionate and beautiful world with respect for people and the planet.   

If you would like to be inspired how you can use your work or business as a force for good, you can get free access to the Doing Business Doing Good Summit here: www.doingbusinessdoinggood.com 

Partnership Doing Business Doing Good and Down to Earth Collective 

Doing Business Doing Good and the Down to Earth Collective are very happy to announce that we are working together to ignite positive change. So together, we can create the shift needed to protect and preserve our beautiful planet for current and future generations.

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