Enki, a modern fable. Written by Alex Lambie

What to do after watching Down to Earth?

Almost nothing....

The elders interviewed in Down to Earth are spread across the four corners of the world, but speak with one voice, a voice that resonates deep within the hearts of the viewers. This is because the elders, each in their own words, speak of and reflect universal truths born in all of us and in all things and connected directly to the innate compassion that is our purpose.

There are many words of wisdom shared by the elders in Down to Earth, stimulating a sense of awakening for some and of confirmation for others, of the interconnection of all life and human's ignored and forgotten ability to consciously and spiritually connect with this wisdom. By so doing we remember how to sense what is required of us as part of life itself, rather than seeking to stand outside of the truth of life and impose our ego upon it.

With this understanding, whether new to you or not, it can be difficult to know what to do next. In a consumer world where we are under constant pressure to respond to the insistent demands of greed and rivalry, it is easy to either to try to runaway from it all, or to become overwhelmed by the challenge.

Here then it is important to understand the value of one of the key messages of the elders. To listen one must settle the drive to act, understanding that the true answers will emerge from a period of considered inaction. By so doing we open ourselves up to the opportunity of establishing our own direct connection with what Nowaten calls "base"

In reference to the ability to connect spiritually, Nowaten says that " We can create a faith on our own, without going to any book, there's nothing we cannot do with that ability, it's a natural ability, that we all have."

This is a key understanding, that human spiritual connection with life, as seen in the elders, is available to all of us because we are all born of it and with it. Inspired as we are by the vision and understanding that Down to Earth shares, we do not all need to journey the world to find our connection, the wisdom of life is always at hand because the connection is made through inner journey.

In following my own inner journey whilst living as part of and trying to positively influence consumer society, I was lucky enough to make a fleeting, but indelible connection with the universal truth and compassion born in us all. It was during this connection that I wrote Enki, a modern fable reflecting these truths and our own innate compassion.

Enki is a profound experience for many listeners, because it resonates deeply with their own inner-child, their inner compassion and the universal truth held in us all. Enki enables listeners to experience their own fleeting but indelible connection, to sense the wisdom and power that lives in them from which the the elders speak.

Enki's purpose is "...to travel the world planting peaceful ideas". Helping us all to find "base", to connect with our natural ability to truly listen, sense and balance, wherever we are. Enki travels the world, so that we can take the inner journey.

So, what to do after watching Down to Earth? Almost nothing.

Stop and listen, practicing considered inaction, so that you may find "base". You don't have to use Enki to do so, but it often helps. Try listening everyday for a week, then every week for a month, then every month for a year and see what Enki unlocks in you and in life.

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