About us

“The message from Earth Keepers is clear: We are not dependent on others to have an impact. We are in control"
~ Rolf Winters

DOWN to EARTH was premiered at the Climate Summit in Paris and was shown before the negotiators sat down, and has since then being used to as a tool to inspire change. In response to the audiences we set up a social impact enterprise; the DOWN to EARTH Collective. We aim to unlock the Wisdom of the Earth Keepers.

We ignite Change
With DOWN to EARTH a vision has been launched with the aim of triggering a positive change. The message from the Earth Keepers is clear: We are not powerless! We do not need to depend on anyone to manifest our impact. Together we can change the direction of our society and create a new world. With the DOWN to EARTH Collective, we bring the philosophy of the film to life by initiating and supporting various projects. In this way we contribute to creating a sustainable future, also for future generations.

Meet our team 

Meet the team