In Search of Wise Leaders - By Rolf Winters

Who is leading who in the world today? How have we let this come this far, that a 16-year old like Greta Thunberg has to hold the leaders of the world to account, whilst the scientific evidence for climate change has been on the table for nearly 50 years? 

The climate crisis is staring us in the face, but ironically it is only the tip of the iceberg: In sight and tangible, but to understand what we can do about it, we need to take a look at the less tangible stuff under the waterline. As scientists look at the complexity of the planetary condition, sociologists point at the underlying problems of our societal condition, ultimately we have to accept that underneath all of this is the crisis of our human condition. We, individuals, leaders big and small, are ultimately the root cause of the problem, with our behaviors and the daily decisions we make.  The exciting thing is that this also means that we are the solution. 

This is exactly the message of the Wisdom Keepers in our film DOWN to EARTH. It’s all about how we walk our path. The question is: What do we use as our guidance? In the years my family and I lived with the Native Americans, we discovered that for thousands of years they have used the same guiding principles, the Seven Grandfather Teachings. Every child was raised with these principles and every leader had to completely master all seven. As a leadership coach I was intrigued by these Seven Teachings from day one and over past the years I have experimented with applying them in our modern corporate world. The results have been truly stunning. The world might have changed but the human spirit cannot be relinquished. It defines who we are and it’s the source of the transformation the world needs now. This ancient wisdom, these universal teachings bring us back into the core of our essence and will help create the strong wise leaders Greta and all her fellows are calling for. 

Want to learn more about the Seven Teachings and how they can help you to become a truly wise leader, participate in this unique Masterclass. Inspired by ancient leadership principles translated into down-to-earth tools will help you navigate your own & collective wisdom.

In the course of the next weeks I will be posting seven blogs, one per teaching, to give you an impression of the relevance of this ancient wisdom in your life. 

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